Belly button

So I’ve begun an essential oils and belly button schedule. I rub mustard oil in and around my belly button at 1:30 pm every day for gut health. Then I rub castor oil in and around my belly button at 9 pm every night for knee pain. It’s been two weeks and I believe I’m feeling better. I researched the essential oils. Seeing as our belly button is the center of our core, it makes sense that we should be vigilant about massaging that area.


Where did you find your information? I would like to read it too.


Google it

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I’m unable to take any kind of pain meds, OTC or prescription. So alternative ways for chronic pain is my only choice

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I think it is great when someone can find an alternative to medication.
I have problems with some pain meds. I am always looking for alternatives just in case I need them.
If an alternative works good enough I will stop the meds in a heart beat. Most pain meds cause unset stomach, dizziness, and such. If I could give them up and still have a release frome the pain it would be so awesome.
Stay well and gentle hugs to you.


That’s very interesting! I may just have to try that! I’m always open to alternative medicine. Thanks for sharing!

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