Bad mood

My doctor took me of one of my meds that keep the voices at bay … now the voices are back and they are of a lil baby … and when I was younger I lost a son during my pregnancy… miscarriage it’s the worst was wondering if I talk to the voice will it make it better … someone answer me that question please

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The only way to find out is to do it…

Thank you for that answer I have wanted to for many years but have never done it … when I found out that bipolar disorder was in my family and did not find out til I was in my late twenties… that’s one thing family never talked about … so I’m going to do it Susan I’ll let u know how it goes

Please keep me posted as well. Perhaps ask a medical professional (therapist) what might be the route to take here.

I might ask what would be your goal in speaking to the voice. I personally wouldn’t suggest simply diving down the rabbit hole without a safety net. Just my opinion.


Thank u and I have the doctors all say it’s in my head

I have schizo affective disorder and bipolar one…I have talked to the devil bad. And Jesus for over 30 years. I ALWAYS talk back to them the devil is always saying bad things and I tell him to go back to he’ll or what ever I say to him…if its Jesus I actually have a conversation with him…these are real voices only I hear in my head…my psychiatrist takes this seriously…there are psych meds and other ways to deal with this but I am on them and I still hear them…good luck…

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I have a disorder that allows for voices in my head, all the time. However, it is not “normal” nor healthy to be hearing voices. I would contact my doctor immediately! In the meantime, and with a counselor, I would create a journal of a dialogue with the baby that you sadly lost.

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If you want to have a conversation with the voice go ahead. But, if that voice becomes demanding or tells you to do harm you need to stop in place and call for medical assistance. And always report these conversations to your doctor. It doesn’t matter whether that doctor is a GP or a Psych. What matters is that you share the information with them. More people have been harmed by things that are “just in your head” than most medical professionals want to admit. I personally believe that most homicides and suicides are caused by “voices in your head” type scenarios than we recognize. Please, let your doctor know as often as you can.
May God bless you in your search for answers.

Thank u for that I have told all my medical doctor… and they have never been that bad with the voices… I have never done harm to anyone…

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