Back surgery

I am going to schedule my 6th back surgery and I am in slot of pain, so all my health numbers have gone to the extreme and they told me I wouldn’t be able to have surgeryuntil they came back down. What I don’t understand is how can they come down, and I hurt stressing over it if my pain level doesn’t go down until the operation. I am just over my wits end over this. Any advice.


Yeah it’s a never ending cycle of chaos that doesn’t make any sense.


I am with you that doesn’t make any sense.
I understand if it was blood sugar because it makes it harder to heal if your blood sugar is to high.
I wish I could suggest something but I am amiss to why any doctor would say that.


I have had 2 back surgeries and now they want to do a fusion but would be 2 because the upper and lower back and im scared to go through with a fusion. So i dont really have advice for you and im sorry that you are in so much pain as i am also in cronic pain all the time myself…


I have had 3 back surgeries and I’m always in pain. Have you tried getting a nerve blocker procedures done. Doesn’t cure the pain but helped me


I am sorry you are in pain! Doctors need to remember “Do No Harm”. I have learned unless the other people are in pain themselves they don’t care or they tell you to move more. Which by the way you can’t without something for pain. Doctors are afraid of losing their license. Doctors have lost the power and respect (they deserve)to help patients in pain. They are unable to do their job because of the drug & Insurance companies. Tell them you want a list of how you can get better to have surgery. 🙏




Well I know since the Federal Government is literally can’t prescribe which is stupid cause their not the ones in pain 😡😠

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Exactly this is what happens when politicians are dictating to the doctors what they can and can not do. Insurance companies are also to blame, their only interest is making greater profits off the people they pledged to “help”. Remember the brightly colored brochures where everyone young and old is grinning ear to ear, and senior citizens are shown gliding along on their bicycles? Politicians never cared for the constituents they care only about maintaining their office and power. Then they pass laws that punish the law abiding who used their medications only to have some semblance of quality of life. It’s pretty much illegal street obtained drugs that people over dose on, do they really think the heroin addicts are going to stop using drugs because doctors are forbidden to prescribe threatening loss of license if they don’t abide? What does the heroin pusher have to loose? They will make out because completely desperate people will turn to the only thing they can get and the street drugs don’t come with dose instructions! It is happening more and more but you won’t read about those cases and why and how seemingly normal law abiding citizens are found dead of a street drug overdose, if you read of them at all they only state opioid overdose and blame doctors. I don’t know of any doctors prescribing fentanyl to ambulatory patients anyway.