Awkward anti social

Why can’t I just be normal? I’m so socially awkward…it even freaks me out. Am I tyke only one that’s anti social?


Social isolation by choice is not what you said…my daughter in law is socially awkward…
She doesn’t know what to say…then we just don’t talk…and I usually leave…
I choose not to talk that many people as I know from my own problems what can be wrong with a lot of people…it depends if you WANT to interact with other people.if so see a counselor.get some books on being assertive… Other than that I’m not sure how to help you…good luck…ill pray for you…


My daughter is an introvert who struggles with being social so you are not the only one like that. When my daughter has to be social, she usually takes time to be alone afterwards. We just know that is what she needs and we let her alone. That is the only way she can cope with socializing.


Does she have schizophrenia? Or some type of mental health condition?

I have schizo affective bipolar one disorder for the past 30 years…
People who I don’t know make me very uncomfortable…I get anxious, scared, and want to,leave…my daughter in law told me today she had to do some things at home and that is why she couldn’t come swimming with me and bring the grandkids…
This is the second weekend in a row I have asked them to do something with me…she just doesn’t like me and doesn’t want to do anything with makes me so sad.😞. It,makes me not want to even go over their house for dinner or anything…
She just makes me feel very uncomfortable…she rarely talks to me.and if she does its about me and never giving anything of herself.
I do my best but I only do small talk with people about the weather or where I’m from or 🐟 ing…as there are no good fish out here in Omaha Nebraska…no salmon or fresh cod. Only some kind of white fish which is what? So I have chosen exile here. I stay alone at the gym and pool and don’t try to,make friends…I feel safer alone…in,my own home, doing things alone instead of with other people.
I understand isolation very well.
If I didn’t have Jesus and the Blessed Mother Mary to talk to I would be lost. And yes this includes God the Father and the Holy Spirit…
Do your best. That’s all any of us can do…we can’t help ourselves. I use to be an extrovert type A personality …since they put me on all this medication, and still are trying new things I am different. Very reserved…its all due to the medication, and life changes.
Hang in there…there’s always room for HOPE!

What makes you think you’re not normal?

I hate going out. I dont want to be in public crowds or busy places.

Just because you’re not a lemming (like everyone else) doesn’t mean you’re not normal because there is no such thing as normal.

Learn to accept yourself and dont try to be like anyone else.

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I also have PTSD, Debilitating ADHD, ASD and social situations suck.

I get sick of neurotypical persons trying to make me be like them.

Just because I dont function in social situations doesn’t make me less of a person or mean something is wrong with me.

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She has ptsd

Because freezing up when I’m in social situations isn’t normal. It’s normal to socialize and talk to other people. I cant accept someting that doesn’t feel right. I want to be able to make friends. Have normal conversations without losing my train of thought. Or leave my home without thinking something is wrong with me.

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O guess I have just accepted myself and what I cant do.

I really wish you the best sweetheart

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I have been antisocial for years. I like my alone time, but I do miss companionship.
I was diagnosed with Narcolepsy almost a year ago. It answered a lot of questions about why I have been a certain way most of my life. I just couldn’t help it. Narcolepsy controls your life(especially if you don’t know you have it), and being antisocial is a big part of it. The meds help, but there is no cure.

Maybe go to the park, the mall, grocery store, library, book store, etc. make it your goal to meet 1 new person each time. You don’t need to share each other’s life stories at that time, just make the effort to introduce yourself. You could even tell the person that you always try to meet a new person every day, and that they are your choice for that day! You may meet someone who has been looking for a friend to do things with. Just make the effort. Maybe keep a calendar or a log of who you met that day and what you talked about. You might run into them again.

I hope this helps. If you would ever like to talk, just let me know.

Dont feel bad your not the only one

Thank you😊

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I know it just feels that way sometimes. I wish I had friends.

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What happened?

I am not anti-social, but I am socially awkward. I miss ques sometimes; only to realize what I have missed later. It’s very frustrating! I feel like an idiot!

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I’m a little bit of both, I certainly enjoy my alone time. And I can be quite awkward😉

Why would you accept that?

Because the options are too stressful.

I became happier with my life when I realized my limits and abilities and stopped trying to fit into what society seems normal.

I am not like others.

I am myself.

I dont enjoy huge crowds.

It stresses me out.

So why on earth would I force myself into situations where I am not enjoying myself?

I am not a conformist. I think we are told from very young we have to be “like this” or “like that” and if you’re outside that then you’re labeled weird.

Nah. I’m not playing that mental game anymore.

If I’m happier being safe at home, who’s business is it after that? I’m not harming anyone. Im not getting overly stressed out because MY neurological condition cant handle being too stimulated.

So for someone to say “it’s not normal”… that’s quite presumptive and judgemental of those who opt out of the hype of “society”.

I think you need to get out of the house.