Average weight

I like the new feature in the weight tracker that shows your average weight over a period of time. Just wish it used the same units that I have selected in the profile! I use lbs. and the average shows kgs. Thanks!


Yes, I use the same.


As I too use lbs, converting for me would be difficult. So any feature such as not being able to change it would be a no go 4 me

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And the way it’s displayed is completely absurd. It’s pretty obvious that somebody started the job and dropped it half-done. Look at this layout:
Weight: 90.22 lbs kg
Low-High: 89.54 lbs - 90.25 lbs kg

How much worse could it possibly get? I just weighed myself and entered it as 198.9 lbs. That number isn’t shown anywhere. Worse, it gives all the values in kilograms AND LABELS THEM AS POUNDS, with the abbreviation for kilograms stuck on as if “pounds kilograms” meant anything.

Someone might say “Yeah, but the meaning is obvious.” First, that’s no excuse. Second, it might not always be obvious. Suppose this record were sent in to a doctor’s office or a clinic and put into a patient’s record by a program, or a clerk who didn’t know the patient. That works out to a BMI of 12.9, which is “severely underweight”. (In fact I am overweight.) Even if that didn’t trigger alarms as a critical problem, a lot of time, effort, and anxiety could be wasted in correcting it.

You’re right. I hadn’t even noticed that it has the lbs label when I posted this suggestion. So yes, it seems obvious that someone just forgot one little line of code! As a retired programmer, this kind of stuff makes me crazy. But it should be a very simple thing to fix.

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Looks like it’s fixed! And the whole view tracker function is working much better, faster! Good work!