Autism Chatroom

I’m autistic, with autistic catatonia. It is said that 10% of autistics has autistic catatonia, i would love to have a place where we can share.


on activities is on the autism spectrum. She’s awesome as I’m sure you are. 😀
I am starting a business that will work with kids on the spectrum and any kid or adult will be able to go on activities and respite care.
Can I ask you questions? Get your opinion on things?


I have a 15yr old son with Aspergers and many sensory issues. Kids at school bully him which makes me so sad. He’s in 9th grade, and a big boy. He has now acquired an eating disorder where he eats and eats. I wish there was someone he could talk to.

The thing that’s very difficult for me is in US compared to where i loved in past, there are tons of support groups available. But once you get adult, 18 or 21, some 26 (insurance), there’s none. The meet up group i found are high functioning asperger (former name), where i feel no one to talk to about autistic catatonia. I live alone as I’m disowned due to disability and gender identity (it happens). I’m activist but i feel i can be out about gender identity or sexual orientation than autism and autistic catatonia. I have to ACT neurotypical as much as i can which I’m not good at, and bullies doesn’t end in childhood, it continues to workplace. CeO knows i don’t do well with sudden change of meeting, which two of co worker knows ahead and they purposely didn’t tell me, i had sensory overload and lost job. He called me in front of coworkers that I’m nitpicky, i wear ear protectors but i hear every whisper cuz my auditory range is beyond neurotypical folks. I worked at finance, so i do need to be accurate, yet being accurate and I’m very quick as I’m strong in numbers, paying attention to detail is in world of neurotypicals it’s nit picky, too literal, etc. And all these reasons are the typical symptoms of autism yet there are so many loopholes to fire disabled person. CEO, ignored and shush me as my opinion on what i work doesn’t matter, etc. And there’s no support, as the company doesn’t have working Human Resources. Human Resources that was understanding got head hunted to sister company, after that CEO chose the yes man. Co worker talks on phones, playing with nails, chatting not about work even during work hours, and whatever she delayed i had to finish it. There was promotion came up for me, but while neurotypical that lady i just described instant promotion as lead. When it comes to disabled person, there was thread, and no one knows how promotion system goes… bullying continues or at least for me. So i wish there’s group for autistic adults and autistic catatonia separatelh, as i May get advice how to deal with catatonia.

Addition. I have autistic Catatonia. I’m very into sports (baseball and ice hockey to play) and workout at home. I don’t go to gym, because of gender identity bulking, and the cost. While i work at home, for free app cuz most of my money goes to Meds, i can’t move quick enough to demo video. So i don’t think I’m burning enough Carolies. I want to get six pack, but is there any ways with autistic catatonia individuals?