I just had knee replacement surgery on the 24th what is the best way to sleep at night without any pain. I take my meds but nothing helps. I want to be able to get at least one good rest


Talk to your doctor and tell him how you feel. By now you should be feeling better, but I had a similar experience. Everyone responds differently. This surgery can be tough.

Have you been doing your physical therapy? Believe it or not that will make all the difference in the world.


I’ve had both of mine replaced, pillows between my legs, sleeping on the opposite side, if you sleep on your back place a pillow the length of the affected knee. Also sleeping with ice pack. Good luck, it does get better. DO the PT, it really helps


All good advise. If you are still in pain you should reach out to your doctor.
Stay well and gentle hugs to you.

Doctor had to remove 120cc of blood from my knee he said that is what was causing the swelling and pain feeling much better


Keep a close eye on it. Had same problem in 2001 when had my first knee replacement, ended up with MRSA, had replacement removed, sealed with antibiotic wafers, 2 antibiotics 3 times aday for 6 months and no joint for 16 weeks, new knee put in, no trouble since. Right knee works great.

For me, it helped to prop my leg up on pillows with my knee bent.

I found ice to be my best friend with joint replacements. I tend to keep the joint iced all the time for a week or 2 after surgery. I brought home from hospital the “saddle bag style” ice packs and used them. They cover the entire knee . Ice will help with swelling and it helps with pain as well.
For sleeping, the other posts address the best ways to position. I found on back with pillow under the knee worked well for me. On your side with operated knee on top with pillow between also helps.
Glad to hear that the Dr was able to drain knee, pressure from fluid or blood can be quite painful. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.!

Still experiencing pain after 4 weeks since my knee replacement surgery what can I do to manage my pain