Arthritis Issues


I suffer from 2 slip disks n Arthritis n I wake up in pain every morning,is there anything that I can do besides taking my pain meds?


Physical therapy. If you sleep on your side you can try a body pillow between your legs to help maintain your alignment at night.


Take a warm shower and move. Both of those will hurt worse of you don’t move. I have both and if I just sit around or lay around I get stiff and sore. It hurts to move but it gets worse if you don’t.


Yes there is you can ask your doctor if he or she can put in a pain stimulator i have one and it really does help out. I also have the same issues and more…


Thanks alot for the support


Ok I try to do something every day unless it’s raining out like today


Heating pads speak my love language!


All of that is very good advise. I have arthritis in my spine and basically my whole body.
If I do not get up and move around I am very stiff and in great pain.
I did some physical therapy which helped me tremendously. Also I had some acupuncture that helped me the most.
My doctor did a tens unit as well as ice packs.
But the most important thing is to be as active as you can.


Thats true but how are you supposed to be active when it hurts so much to be active?


I understand but my stretching exercises help get the stiffness out so I can.
I do have days where I cry because of the pain I am in. But I get up and I move.
As they say a body in motion stays in motion.
All I know is I have pain everyday. My solution is to move. If you can not push through the pain. Talk with your doctor. There should be something you could do.
Hope you can find a solution that will help you.
Gentle hugs.