Arthritis and pain

I have been diagnosed with spinal stenosis, bulging discs, protruding discs and herniated discs, as well as a pinched sciatic nerve,also have degenerating bones in my back, not to mention the arthritis throughout my body. I have much bad arthritis in both my knees and swelling in both knees and numbness in both knees as well more so in my left knee and ankles again more so on my left side. I had a pain stimulator put in my back to help with the pain in 2012, it does help out some especially when i have it on all night it really helps with getting up in the morning. I have not been able to work since 2010 due to all the back issues that i have and i really do miss my job, I drove a school bus, my doctor said that this job isnt helping my situation out that in fact was making things worse with my back… but i kept on working for a few years after that I shouldn’t have but the bills had to be paid and with not working that wasnt possible to do. This is some of my issues that are going on with me, if anyone has any suggestions on a job or something that can be done to keep busy please message me, thank you so much…


Something where you can get up and move more frequently than driving. Maybe volunteer with something you are interested in…reading to kids at library, helping at animal shelter, nursing home volunteer but no lifting.
I have advanced degenerative disc disease and spinal stenosis which caused nerve damage so I now have balance issues so I get where you are coming from.


I’m also dealing with sciatic nerve damage and had 2 ruptured disc removed in my lower back in 2004. Still have numbness and pain through all my body. But I still try to volunteer at Food Shelters and try to walk everywhere as I don’t no longer have any transportation other than my legs and feet. Just keep trying to improve every day as much as possible. Because I was told I wouldn’t be able to walk again and I’ve proved to everyone that I can.


Glad to hear you are proving them wrong!

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I assume you’re on Social Security disability as income at this point. In Texas I think they have a program set up to try to get people back to work. Driving is the worst type of job for your type of problem unfortunately. Volunteering at schools is a great place to be. The kids love having surrogate grandparents.

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I also have spinal stenosis and have had 3 lower back fusions. But I still am in pain when walking a distance. I have learned recently about something called ‘infusion ‘. It takes a long time to get to see the dr but I am going to see if it works. Maybe I will be able to cut back on my medication. I also am having knee issues which started last year I am controlling it right now but the flare ups are bad. I walk with a cane outside the home. Maybe you could check with your dr about the infusion. It has worked for others.

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Cathy first of all you are amazing. Looking for a way to keep busy and not letting all those issues stop you! I have some of the same issues plus fibromyalgia… I volunteer every week. I lock and unlock a community room. I drive people a short distance to meetings twice a month. I also drive them once a month so they can do banking. Also I busy myself at the computer doing research. I took classes from NAMI and VOA. I now can do peer to peer work volunteering. I use emu oil for pain plus meds. Good luck. I hope you find some gr8 ideas.

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Thank you, and im going to have to try the oul you mentioned, havent heard of that and im going to try to find where it is sold so that i can get and tey it… thanks again…

They have it in CVS. The lotion is blue. Good luck

About your income: 1. Get your doctors to put all the back problems you have in a letter. Get all your medical records and call social security to find out how much money you would get at this point in time for Soc. Sec. disability then make an appointment with them and take all your medical history of your arthritic condition. 2. Go to aquamrobic exercise do low impact. Get that the thither tother on let it go or Facebook store. This is good relieve of your discs and a decompression belt. This has helped me . There are exercises you can do to help with back pain and don’t worry about a job now. Your health is first.
If you want to work get a computer job. Where you work from home.

 I know what you’re talking about. I was a school teacher for 31 years. I loved working with children but my my back would not allow it. I had to stop working. I had  surgery laminectomy and fusion of L5,S1. Now I’m also limited of the exercises I can do.   Any way good luck. I hope this advice helps you. Good Luck.

For intractable pain, I recommend going to a pain clinic where there are specialists in treating pain. I have had a spinal fusion with some relief, but with residual pain that is still difficult to deal with. I finally went to a pain clinic, and they found that I had arthritis in my right hip which had not been diagnosed before. I was given an injection in the hip which provided significant improvement in the hip and leg pain that I was experiencing. They also suggested that at least some of my back pain was due to SI joint inflammation. Injections in the SI joints provided an improvement in my back problems, and I can now go longer and do more before the pain shuts me down. They have not provided complete relief, but I am significantly better.

It’s almost like I’m ready my own story, when I read this. I have almost everything done to a T except my knees pop. My kids say I sound like a bowl of rice krispies. I have both stimulators, the subcutaneous one and a yr later the paddle. Ive had 5 back surgeries and my c6- c7 were fused. At the present, my c3-c4 needs surgery. I was told that I have to do from c3-c5 now. It’s crazy how much things can change in several yrs. I have some good Dr’s close to where I live, so that helps. I’ve always known I wasn’t alone but it’s so weird to hear someone that has the same trouble. On top of all that I have RA and Fibromyalgia.

Cathyj84 looks like you and I shared the same symptoms and diagnosis down to a tee. I have had Lower back surgery, both hip replacements, both thumbs replaced, left thumb surgery three times, right knee replacements two times with one revision, know they tell me that arthritis is really bad in my neck causing it to become straight.

 My Mom drove a Transportation bus, for the disadvantaged, for 20 years.  She was in and out of the bus at almost every stop.  It is a door to door service.  
 It ruined her knees.  She has been retired for over 20 years now.
 She went to an orthopedic dr for several years, he gave her injections in her knees.  He never gave her any meds, or said anything about arthritis. 
 Several years and 3 dr's later, (3 family physicians, in an office together),  Finally a diagnosis of arthritis and addition of arthritis med.  The pain pills and injections that have been prescribed for the last 3 months by the other 2 drs have not helped.  
 Finally a diagnosis of "arthritis".  Unfortunately, she just started the arthritis med a couple of days ago, so it hasn't taken affect yet.  (It can take up to 2 weeks to work.)  She was prescribed Celebrex.  Even the generic, Celecoxib 200mg, is extremely expensive.  
 "GOOD RX"  cuts the price down from $100, to $10 a month.
 I am going to try the T.E.N.S  unit on her next week.

Good luck to everyone.

Even though I only talked about my Mom, I have many spinal issues and bad knees as well.
I have Fibromyalgia, which involves the WHOLE body. I have bad sciatica, degenerative disc disease, pinched nerves, and arthritis all over the place.
My T.E.N.S. unit has resqued me many times over the last 20 years.
This group will help you with ideas.
Good luck. God bless.

What is “infusion”?

I too gave had bad luck with knees and back.
2 x laminectomy
L4-L5 fusion
Stimulator implant with paddles
L2-L3 & L3-L4 fusion (Feb 2019)
And Left and Right total knee replacements (did left first and the right one 2 days later (Nov 2019).

All surgeries have been successful to a point But of ALL - my knee replacement surgeries provided the most drastic change. I tried everything before the replacements - including gel injections and leg braces. Sometimes you just need to come to the realization that surgery is the best option.

I had a somewhat hard time trying to find a surgeon to DO the surgeries (due to only being 48yo) - but finally found one that was like “the new hardware should outlast you” and wasn’t worried about revision surgery.

My advice - if you cant relieve the knee pain - don’t wait for years like I did delaying the inevitable. AND the success of knee replacement is directly influenced by the effort YOU put into PT afterwards.

I feel (felt) your pain! And I wish you the best!