Are there any pituatary or thyroid groups here?

I had a pituatary macroedema ( tumor on the pituatary gland) removed in 2015. My pituatary gland was heavily damaged. I am on cortisol for the rest of my life as well as levothyroxine for my thyroid issue (generay accompanies pituatary issues). I need to be able to monitor my thyroid levels as well as my diaberes and diabetes insipidus. And now my blood pressure is all over the place. So I need this multi tracking system. Also can my #'s be uploaded to my endocrinologist office?


No I’m sorry, but contact the app, their a wonderful group of people who I am guessing can help! Stay well

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I was told that I have a tumor growth type something or other on my pituitary gland and to not worry about it. I am 62 years old and have had over 70 other types of surgeries over my body. I have to agree that this is something I don’t want to worry about but should I be?