Today I spoke with my health nurse and then I set up my health portal . This was huge because I’ve tried todo this alone with no success.
Today I actually have an account. I dint ask hem if I should post it here or if I need to post it at all.
I plan to look and set it up on my computer tomorrow. He told me that if that goes well then I should be able to get it all on my devices so my drs will be able to interact with it at all.
I hope all my different drs could view my whole health information so that I could feel that when I visit each dr that they all are aware of what every other dr is doing for me and my health. I’m in hopes that one day I won’t feel as if I’m doctoring myself…


Where I live has a Portal. It makes it so much easier to refill meds, set up appointments and not have to worry about double booking appts because everyone can see what appts I have when plus it saves paper!