App Usability

Hi! I’m a grad student trying to gather information on this app and the user friendly functionality of it. I’m interested in the opinion of the caregiver population specifically.

Do you feel the app serves its function as a medication list and reminder for dosing compliance?

Is the app easy to use?

What do you believe the benefits and limitations of the app are?


I absolutely love this app for multiple reasons. So often when you’re living with a chronic condition, you feel like you are totally and completely alone. We talk openly and freely about anything and everything. That’s the beauty of it. The app itself is very user-friendly for me. I take care of my significant other and my elderly neighbor. I am able to track their medications and is easily available at doctor’s appointments. One of the best features that I like is that a gives us a list of areas that we are interested in like diabetes, pain, mental health, religion etc…
The sad thing is is that most of us have multiple areas in that list but we can talk about them all in one place. Good luck on your information. If you need more shoot me an e-mail.


I love this whole app. The fact that it helps keep me able to remember all the different times that everyone in my house has to take meds. Then the fact that it gives me the ability to reach out for support from those that are going through similar or the same things just by going to this part of the app. It also keeps track of when I need to refill any meds which is also really helpful.


I have been using this app for well over 10 years now.
Being bipolar, taking medication on a structured schedule is a difficult task to keep up with. This app has helped keep me on track during my worst moments.
I have recommended this app to many in the medical field to use with their clients.
Care Zone has been my life line. Being able to keep track of so much pertinet information literally helps me keep my life on track.
Thank you Care Zone.

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I keep the list of meds in the app which is convenient at doc appts. You can pull up the list and they can update their list from your list. We also use the Journal to track doc appt info and other incidents of note.
That allows me to update diff doctors on what’s occurred, why meds were changed, other info relevant for care. My sister and I both have the app with info for our mom so whoever takes her to appts, they have the historical data which the app holds for several months before dropping.
The Community allows you to talk to others who share similar situations. I recommend this app often. I also track blood pressure and blood sugar readings to show to docs.