... any other pagans?

Slightly afraid to post this when everyone else seems to be Christian or another Abrahamic religion, but is anyone else Pagan? I’m Norse Pagan and ever since I’ve realized that, I’ve had a nice sense of tranquility. I feel kind of alone, though.


Hello how are you

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I just want to tell you, that Jesus Christ loves you more than you know, or can believe, I’m Godly Woman, that has many issues, but I’m alive today because of the faith, I have in God, I’m not bragging, I owe everything to his grace and mercy, he did the work, I was just patient. And that much and belief in a higher power is no problem.


Don’t ever be afraid to be who you are. I believe in God but I also believe in not judging others. I have never heard about what what you believe in. Van tough tell me more about it?