Anxiety medication

Hi I’ve started taking anxiety medication and have wondered if doing so will change me ?? Or something more drastic, I’ve recently have had to take a lot of different medications for my daily headaches and was told anxiety could be w factor in this. I guess I would like to know if anyone else has more experience with it-


Good evening…I have taken sumatiptan, which is a pill.or you can take a shot of the same med… my doctor suggested a muscle relaxer, tramadol, which is for headaches…migraine relaxes you muscles.i have also taken Klonopin for 16years…I don’t think it does much as a muscle relaxer helps you to relax…then for me me I would feel better… that’s just my story…


GM, First let me say that I hope you find peace and good health as everyone deserves to be happy, healthy and vibrant.

Like the other poster I to have taken Klonopin for over a decade. I am the poster child for the answer as to weather it works or not. Let’s just say that the people closest to me say that there is a Dr. Jackal and Hyde difference in me when I don’t take my meds. I can feel myself totally changing when I miss a dose let alone have to go a few days without it due to a doctor/pharmacist refill issue.

Like any medication it takes time to take effect and you have to be careful to take it as directed. Some meds might make you feel better than others but again you have to give it time to work. That is not to say that you shouldn’t listen to your doctor about known side effects.

Like you as well I have had a lot of meditation changes recently. I have not realized any major changes in my mood from them but again everyone is different.

Living with Anxiety and Depression affects everyone differently. It is no different than High Blood Pressure or Cholesterol levels being out of the normal range. We who suffer must also carry the banner for others who suffer so they too can know that it is ok to get help.

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I don’t know what to tell you, but I would talk to you doctor before you take them

Anxiety makes me grouchy and I can’t even live with myself. Since I started taking mirtazipine, I am more at peace. Every person is different, but when a mental condition goes untreated, you cannot be your true self. Some people can do it with counseling, yoga, meditation, medication, or a combination. I’ve been through it all so I know what I’m talking about. Your true self is when you can calmly look at your life and like what you see. Don’t let others tell you what you should do or be. Don’t be afraid of medication.


To be honest it just opinions on how your body reacts to the side effects. Like for me, I get the worst of them. The twitching, unable to walk, extreme joint pain, worsening depression.

I take half a Benadryl my pcp won’t prescribe anxiety medication because I’m on pain pills go figure the Benadryl works and so does ground

Doesn’t anyone think that after so many years on one certain medication that it needs to be re evaluated, your body gets use to the same medication after awhile and then it doesn’t work as well this is a question plus an insight,