Ankle surgery

Back in February 2015 I broke my ankle in two places I end up having to have Hardware put in my ankle in October 2015 a day after my birthday October 2nd I went in to have another surgery to have Hardware removed from my ankle Lord and behold here come October 17 2019 I end up having another surgery on the same ankle now therefore the doctor said that I have to have another surgery because underneath my Arch I have a knot and he said it’s a bone that need to b
e removed I said I cannot afford to go through a fourth surgery on this same ankle and this speak again therefore I have to have surgery on my right knee for surgery on my knee therefore I cannot afford to keep going underneath these knives and it’s not give me no kind of release my blood pressure goes straight to the root cause of this chronic pain and I am in so much pain I could be sleep my toe or my left feet it be tingling tight I am to the point where I’m just giving up I had a cortisone shot with the steroids inserted into the surgery with I had have a lot of scar tissue


Oh how I relate! 10 yrs ago broke my triangle, traveling atop the bone to the outside bone the up the leg. Non weight bearing for well over a year, the pain so unbearable I’ve contemplated suicide, having my leg amputated above the ankle. I’m on a huge amount of really strong pain meds but now that the government has stepped in my pain Doctor is limited to the amount he can give me . This anger me to know end. Who the hell is the government to tell my pain Doctor what & how much of any med I can take???Now 10 years later I’m confined to my wheelchair or my power chair. I can only walk just a bit b4 I collapsible. I’m tired & ANGRY


I understand your reluctance to undergo more surgery for essentially the same issue. I have had multiple surgeries on my Right knee (until it was replaced in August of 2013). Once I got the surgery I had been needing all along, it made all the difference. I would encourage you to get a second opinion, before making your final decision…


Unfortunately RA has set in, pain so intense just want the whole damn thing amputated

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Oh, no! I hate to learn about RA. Wishing you the best. As there is no intervention for RA that I am aware of, make the decision that will give you the most respite.

There are infusions, but due to an accident I’ve missed all of my infusions since March of last year, pain so unbearable I just want to lay down in a dark busy street & die

I understand, before I got my knee replacement my knee felt like there was ground glass in my knee. I seriously would have been okay with having my leg removed from above the knee. I wish I knew of an intervention that would bring you some relief! All I have to offer is my prayers.

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I appreciate that. So very much!