Allergy Tracker (environmental, food, chemical, etc)

I know in theory this could be done in the journal, but that wouldn’t chart it for some of us who have some serious allergy issues. My environmental allergies, dust, pollen, mold/ mildew, etc, are so bad I take 2 different 24hr antihistamines, with an optional to take diphenhydramine when needed. I have to take my primary antihistamines 365 days a year, I don’t have a down time from allergies.
I also have 2 food allergies, and 1 of them(coconut) is showing up everywhere these days.
When I’m having more intense responses, and or hives, being able to track it, and share it using a chart with my providers would make life simpler. As with the symptom tracking we now have on here, we’ll be able to add notes as needed. Being able to review it in a easier format may help some of us see patterns, and learn to avoid, or reduce flares of some allergies.


Since your external allergies are so bad, I would suggest you look into Histamine Intolerance. It sounds to me like you are making yourself sick/contributing to your allergies by eating foods high in histamine or that are histamine liberators (release histamine that’s in your body).

Such high doses of antihistamines can prevent your body from doing it’s job of regulating ingested histamine/liberators, also. Research DAO, the enzyme(?) that helps your body process histamine.

Several years ago I developed Dermographia. I ignored it because, why not, it’s a minor irritant. I finally went to the doctors and they basically said no big deal, just take an antihistamine for the itching. A few years later, now I find myself pretty sick. The dermagraph via was just a starting point/warning sign. Now everything I eat releases histamine within my body and makes me feel like crap. If I have too much, I end up with a terrible headache & food poisoning type symptoms.

From my research, HI starts in the gut (as does everything). You need to start there…

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That’s something for me to think about, and consult with my primary care providers, and dietitian. Thanks for your information.

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Can you tell me where you are planning to get tested? I have a lot of allergies myself. My doctor is kind of weird and doesn’t really treat me so I would love some advice. I recently moved to the area and the GP I am currently with is kind of wonky. I mean I know I am allergic to certain foods and chemicals so I am usually very careful with what I put in my body but recently I started experiencing these episodes of bloating, followed by constipation that can be altered with diarrhea and sometimes even a rash. As soon as I noticed it I went to the doctor and asked to get tested for food intolerance and other potential causes of these symptoms. Turns out I am also suffering from a mild form of intolerance to gluten. It’s going to be an adjustment and I would like to have options besides the exclusion diet, so a good allergist will be very useful.


If you’re not living nearby what I say will be of no use to you. But, if you live within the CSRA, close to either Aiken SC, or Augusta GA, then do a Google search for allergist. There’s a practice in Evans GA run by 2 doctors. There’s another separate practice somewhere in between North Augusta & Aiken SC. I get all my care at my local VA medical center, I normally only outsourced for my Mammogram every summer.
One other thought for you. If your not locked into your current physician due to your insurance, then for heavens sake, try to find yourself a new primary care physician, you deserve better than a doctor who refuses to hear your legitimate concerns.

My friend was just looking for this information. Thanks