Allergic reactions/hives tracking?

I know in theory this could be done in the journal, but that wouldn’t chart it for some of us who have some serious allergy issues. My environmental allergies, dust, pollen, mold/ mildew, etc, are so bad I take 2 different 24hr antihistamines, with an optional to take diphenhydramine when needed. I have to take my primary antihistamines 365 days a year, I don’t have a down time from allergies.
I also have 2 food allergies, and 1 of them(coconut) is showing up everywhere these days.
When I’m having more intense responses, and or hives, being able to track it, and share it using a chart with my providers would make life simpler. As with the symptom tracking we now have on here, we’ll be able to add notes as needed. Being able to review it in a easier format may help some of us see patterns, and learn to avoid, or reduce flares of some allergies.