Before Aimovig I was getting a lot of migraines like 10-12 a month. Then Aimovig came out
I haven’t had a single migraine in 3 months.


I am new to CareZone and I am Just looking around and I came upon this post. I’m going to share this info with a friend of mine who has a lot of migraines. This may end up being one of the best apps I’ve put on my phone.


Welcome, @Barb1! We’re so glad you’ve found us and appreciate you sharing CareZone with your friend. I hope they find the migraine community helpful and can make new friends along the way.

I’m here to help with any questions about the community or the app. You can also send an Inbox message through your app as well to reach our support team.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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I have had an intractable migraine for two and a half years. My dr talked of switching me to Amovig next time I came in if I didn’t get relief from Memantine - the latest med they’ve tried. I have been through everything, I think, except the new injectables!!!😰 The way I’ve been living >😎

Trust me aimovig works

I agree 100%! Amovig has been a life saver for me… I was having them some times lasting 3 weeks… The least ones I had was 3 weeks got a couple of days relief and then one for another 2 weeks… I had my 3 shot of amovig on th.e first of this month and I have had 2 migraines since. It may not have completely taken them away but 2 days is alot better the 1 1/2 months… You should really look into it

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