Advice anyone

I’m worried, I have a cold right now and it’s making it hard to sleep and breathe. I have several health issues that are hard on my immune system. When I go on the medicine for MS it is supposed to lower my immune response. Will it make more colds like this, will they be worse?

It can. This is a good question for your MS de la doctor. See if there is a good plan to have. A sick plan.

I am on Betaseron for my MS treatment. It lowers my immune system As well I was told by my MS Doctor. I decided to not take my Ms medicine when I feel the cold or flu coming on.
I have now been on Betaseron for 13 years. and thank God I have not had any other flare-ups.
my doctor said it was best for me to decide what was best for my body. and he agreed that I was doing what was best because of the no flare-ups.
I was diagnosed in 2007.
It’s always good to talk to your doctor.
good luck my friend.

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Thanks for the advice. I see my Neurologist in February. I am just anxious about everything right now. The diagnosis of MS has not been easy on my already high anxiety levels.

Read up on the questions you have and talk to your doc about your concerns. Hope you feel better.

Hi. As someone with MS, the way I understand disease modifying drugs (DMDs) is that they either suppress, alter or desensitize your immune system in an effort to reduce the number of MS attacks. Therefore, one could be more susceptible to other infections like a cold, which is a viral infection. So what I do is practice good hand washing, use over-the-counter meds for symptomatic relief, get plenty of rest and drink lots of fluids. If I felt that I was developing an infection as a result of a cold, then I’d see a doctor.

Everyone’s case is different in how MS affects us and other health issues that we may have. So it’s always best to seek a medical opinion, if needed.

So what I’m trying to say is that there could be any number of factors contributing to one getting a cold. So if I had a persistent cold that just wouldn’t go away, then I’d personally see my GP.

Hope you feel better.


Hello. I have been taking Copaxone for about 16 years for RRMS. I was on Rebif (interferon) for about a year beforehand but had to stop because it had lowered my white blood cell account. I have not had that problem with Copaxone. But I do recommend you discuss this with your doctor to ensure you are on the correct medication. Take care.