Adjustable "start date/time" of med reminder


On the reminders, can the start time of meds be added to be more specific when starting the reminders?

I just picked up my meds before the pharmacy closed at night and then took my first dose before entering all the information into the app. The app tells me I missed the morning dose. Of course I did, because i did not have the meds yet. Technically I did not miss a dose, but the app thinks I did. I don’t know how to correct this since I do want to take my meds twice a day. The only solution I see is to leave it as a missed dose, because I don’t want to lie that I did take it. Seeing this reminder of a missed dose tells me I am noncompliant or otherwise a bad patient…and seeing the missed doses feeds this horrible message to my subconscious. Please help me be more positive with myself and tell me how I can have the reminders start upon taking my first dose.

For now, I turned off the reminders because I want to show my brain only positive messages, especially when I don’t feel good. Anything for a healthier me!

Thanks for listening!


I also need to customize my medicine schedule. I start at 5am and end at 10pm with doses scattered throughout the day. I also have 2 meds that I only take twice a week. It gets very frustrating. I also have meds that my doctor prescribed for their side effects and not for the usual reasons and I would like to beable to customize this area too.