Add Tracker for lab results

Add trackers for lab


This would be very handy

With the ability to graph would be nice. And in color to see if I am in range or at my goal! I am sure this is a tall order since there must be many, many tests out there! I would need iron and cholesterol to start…but this might also fall under the category of customized trackers.


Great idea. Yes, it would be a tall order to track all tests, but at least the standard tests would still be helpful. You’re right about seeing it on a graph. Having all graphs color coded would be incredibly useful, but the patient should have the ability to adjust the ranges according to the doctor’s instructions. My instructions may differ from yours, so the graph should be adjustable for that reason. In blood pressure, blood sugar and body temperature, it could help to save lives by letting the patient know they’re in a danger zone. Having a noticeable alert pop up would be really good. If your screen suddenly goes bright red and big glowing yellow letters say, “Call 911 now,” that would be pretty hard to not notice. Realistically, if that happened, you can be sure people would do it.

I will see if I can export the information to graph

Hi @DrTalisman! Here’s a link to instructions for exporting Tracker info:

The app is able to export data in text format, which you can share via email, notes, print, etc. It does not export graph images at this time, but you can take a screenshot of your graph on your mobile device to include alongside any exported data.

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