Add space for comments when taking meds off scheduled times

I have several meds that I take only on an as needed basis. I take at least 1 for more than 1 reason. It would be very helpful to be able to leave a comment as to why I was taking that med at that time, rather than having to go somewhere else to make a note.


I also want them to improve the app in regards to their very restrictive rigid dose regimenting. I get why, and they have good reasons, but the app doesn’t allow folks like you or me any way to “keep track” if it isn’t in their little tiny box. I don’t have 24 hour days. Some days are 16 hours, some are 29 hours. I still take the meds when I get up and when I go to bed. It works ok… 8am, 8pm, don’t care about their rigid box clicking, but if it works out I’m going to be early or get up 1am (and it is time to take that day’s 8am meds…) I’m late as I’m fighting with the app. I’ve always just kept track of everything manually. Thought this app or Zibdy would be better. They are in many ways… some Zibdy, some Carezone…