Add pill images to medication list

Sometime I forget what a pill looks like in conjunction with the name. Or i’ve had my pharmacist send a different brand medicine and the pill didn’t look familiar and I was skeptical to take it. When you scan your medicine bottle a image of the pill would be very helpful


Here i sit reading the then someone says do this or that snd i forget what i was doing. Ok i love the mothers days jokes.


I think it’s a great idea. I have a couple of pills that look the same except for the #’,s stamped on them but I can’t remember which pill has what #. It would be perfect to have a description of each pill next to the name of the pill on the medication list and the medication schedule.


Some times polls get spilled. To see pill could help fix the mess.


Put it in the comment area on the pill edit page. But I agree an interactive image of pill would be great.

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I’ve had several times where I had my meds all packed for the following week, talked to doctor and trying some changes. She said take “pill a for 2 times a day, then skip a day, bla bla” well to figure out which pill it was I had to go to the lock box to get the bottles to see what this pill looked like. Was it the two tone brown capsules or the round pink one? Maybe it was the yellow one??? So confusing. If we could have a visual of what pills looked like…

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Look it up on Pill Identifier

Also please make access to photographs of each type of pill so that you can visually check each pill in the pill box and see if you have the correct ones, also to identify any forgotten ones.


Great idea. I have another app that does that.

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My phone can take photos, and there’s a camera icon in my way right now so I guess I can attach a photo to a comment, but how can I put one in a med description or the schedule?

Get pillpack
They dont charge
You only your co-pay

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