Add other languages to CareZone

Hi : can you please to translate for me every sentence To Arabic language …? I am not understand English language too much …because my language is Arabic . Thanks for your help


Yes maybe it is helpful thanks

Thanks : you said you can help me for translation …to Arabic language ? Thanks

Hi @RazanAlsawaf—Thank you for keeping in touch here!

I apologize for any confusion. The app currently only supports the English language at this time. I’m sorry there isn’t a translate option for Arabic or other languages yet.

If a translate option is added in the future, we’ll be sure to update you here.

In the meantime, your suggestion will stay open and visible to everyone in the community so that others can comment or vote on it. :)

Many thanks,

Community Manager


Hello, is there any setting that allow Us to change the prefer lenguage?

Thanks for your question! Currently, the CareZone app is offered in the English language.

I’ve moved your post to this related topic, so you can stay updated on any progress for this feature request. We hope to add additional languages in the future!

Take care,