Add multiple views of Tracker data

I’ve been using CareZone for 4+ years & have entered a lot of data! I am having trouble reading the current changes in the data because ALL data shows - all 4+ years of it! It’s gotten quite squeezed into a mess of dots & lines. It would be very helpful to be able to narrow the view down to a month, a week, a quarter. That way I could see patterns develop ot progress being made. This would also allow me to use CareZone as a better tool for my doctors.


This is in the app now!

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Hello and thanks for sharing here!

Here’s how to view custom periods of data in your Trackers:

1- Tap the Tracker of your choice (e.g. “Blood Pressure”).
2- Tap a time period (listed below your Tracker chart) to view data for the time specified (e.g. 24H=24 hours, 1W=1 week, etc).

If you have any questions, send an Inbox message through the app or reply here anytime.

Thanks so much!

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