Add INR Tracker


I’m on warfarin is there anyway YOU can add place to Track my INR

INR tracker
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Great idea, Hugo. Yes, tracking INR is very important.


Hi, I see with the stroke community you have out here many people are likely on warfarin. There should be a tracker for INR’s. Is that something happening? I tried it in notes but it alphabetically lists them, which is not how it should be


Hello! Thanks for sharing your idea. I’ve moved your post to help support the existing “Add INR Tracker” idea here. We don’t yet have plans set right now for this feature, but it has been added to our list!

If there are any updates about this idea in the future, I’ll be sure to post them here.

Thanks for sharing!

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I am also taking warfarin and I am using the blood glucose tracker. It works but it would be great if CareZone could add a tracker for our PT/INR!!!


Yes it really would be nice if they would have it


I contacted them ( quite a while ago) and they said that users can vote for stuff, but nothing happened with it, yet, as far as I know.


Yes please! I’m also on warfarin and an INR tracker is definitely needed!!


Please! Great idea!


Would LOVE to have an INR tracker, especially with the ability to average it over time along with the ability to print the individual as well as average readings