Add date to the custom "taken" time (pencil icon in Med. Schedule)

My cat has a med dose scheduled for 10 or 11pm. Tonight, Friday night, I didn’t get it into her till something like 12:10 a.m., 10 minutes past midnight Saturday. When I entered the dose from the Medication Schedule, it went in as 12:10 a.m. Friday, 24 hours before the actual time. I couldn’t enter it as Saturday night’s dose because that would show Friday’s dose as not given and would leave no way to enter Saturday’s dose.

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If you open the little note on the right it gives you the opportunity to change the date & time as well as the dose amount. It also asks it the dose will be used again or not. I hope this helps 😃

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I see the time, dose, and question, but no option for the date. I’m using the app on my Android phone.

Apparently I have lost my mind because now I have no idea where I even saw that so either something has changed or I imagined it. I’m so sorry 😐

Don’t sweat it. 😌