Add BMI Tracker

I don’t remember just where the question was about what else we would track if we could , or what were the other two questions on your mini-survey that went with it. So I’m putting it here. See subject line.


Thanks for sharing, @mamandel!

A BMI Tracker is a great idea—so, starting a new topic here is perfect!

The ability to track BMI might be a feature that could be added to the existing Weight Tracker in the app. But please feel free to share more details to let us know how adding this feature will be helpful. Your thoughts may also help encourage others to share their needs as well.

Thanks again!

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I don’t have a specific medical reason to keep track of my BMI – I consider it as something like a more accurate version of tracking my weight as a measure of health, and that would be helpful to me.
But I know that BMI itself is important to many people.