Add active profile name to Journal entry header

I’ve already brought this up on another topic. I forget the topic title, but the problem is that my Journal entries all have the large-type header “YOU”, whether their for my medications or the cat’s. What good is that? I know who I am, and could it possibly say anything else in the current version of the app???

After checking off the meds I just gave my cat this morning, I was making my regular journal entry for them, showing the time and including such details such as “left ear” for a salve that has to alternate ears day by day, because there’s no other way to record it. I had to turn away for a minute, and when I came back to the app I had to backtrack to be sure I was writing in her journal, not mine.

Why head the CAT’S journal entries with “You”, and MY initial in the colored circle you use for MY journal entries? Hers have a different color background. The empty page screams at me that it’s my journal, which is wrong and potentially dangerous. Think of an elderly couple who mostly take the same meds, and think of the harm that could result from his logging an entry for HER as HIS. Surely it can’t be a major coding issue.

Hi @mamandel—Thanks for reporting the issue you’re having with the Journal. My apologies for this confusion.

I’ve added a screenshot here to show the Journal area I think you may be referring to (on Android).

The “You” text (at the top) indicates that you are the one adding info to the Journal. Before info is typed into the entry field, a pretext should appear with the profile name that the Journal belongs to (e.g. “Record an observation about Lauren Valentine”).

Is the issue you’re having due to the pretext disappearing when text is added to the entry field?

(I see how the missing pretext would cause confusion, especially if you added a bit of info, then moved away from the app to complete another task.)

Please reply at your convenience to confirm if this is the issue your’e referring to—and I’ll send this info over to our team to look into it!

Thanks again,


Um… Yes that’s it. I’m sure if already replied this to you, but it’s not showing up in the correspondence here.