Add a "Search" field to community (in the app)


Can you add a search box for a topic? Or group posts by topics?

I have looked for a while and haven’t come across my suggestion yet…and I don’t know how many ideas/suggestions are posted. My brain is taxed so please forgive me if I post it incorrectly. I think if I had a quick way to search these topics I would be less stressed about posting.

Search Option

Hello—Thank you for sharing your idea here!

I’ve updated the title of your topic to “Add a “Search” field to community”, in hopes to better connect you with others who support the suggestion. :)

In the meantime, I’m excited to share that you can also vote on any topic in the Suggestions & Ideas category (including your own)! Just sign in to the community on the web at and select the “Vote” button located at the left side of the topic title.

We appreciate your support!

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Also, apologies for not including this in my previous message:

When you sign in to the community on the web, you can search community topics by tapping the magnifying glass icon (at the top right corner).

The search feature is just not available in the app right now— but if it becomes available in the future, I’ll be sure to update you here.

Thanks again!

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Is there a search option and I just don’t see it? It would be nice to be able to search a condition, disease, prescription, vitamin, herb, oil, etc. And have certain posts come up pertaining to searched word. I would love to read about someone’s experience with CBD oil and yet I have to read and read to see if anyone even mentions it and how it affected them. Believe me, I already googled it, and read reviews on Amazon, but half that can’t be plausible, a lot of times they are given a product to rate and review. I want real feedback. So maybe have a search option? Or if there is one, where?


Hello—Thanks for asking about a search option! I’ve moved your reply to this related topic to keep you updated. :)

Right now, you can search in the community by signing in to your account on the web.

Please see my previous reply above for instructions and updates.

Feel free to reply if you have any other questions!

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