Activities for someone with Alzheimer's

Hey everyone,
My family has recently started caring for my 80-year-old grandfather who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease a few days ago. He gets very restless and bored very easily, and it’s kind of stressing everyone out. Does anyone have any suggestions on some safe, but engaging activities I could try to do with him? He’s too weak to exercise much, and he loves history, science, and learning things. So maybe something that challenges the mind?


If he used to work with his hands, one thing that works well is having him fold washcloths. It may sound silly but it engages his mind to remember how to fold them and his hands are busy as well.

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My Amma liked fidget blankets, she too got vry bored an was always moving her hands, there are all kinds of fidget blankets/lap/quilts. You can even make your own with his fav things. This type of therapy worked great for her frm her early to late stages. Many blessing to you and your family, I knw what it’s like caring for a loved one suffering frm this horrible disease. Know that your not alone, plz get as much support as you can, if any questions abt the stages, help, support go to it’s a wonderful site and full of information. Stay strong.


Maybe try some puzzles. Possibly of pics of something historical or something significant he might like.

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My mother loves to color. They have many adult coloring books out that are geared towards people with dementia. They have books almost anything.

Pvc pipes!

Pulling them apart and putting them together.

Baking with a friend.

Sorting and drying spoons and forks