Access a historical record of medications taken (PRN / scheduled)

Have a way to share the medication that you have actually taken for the month. There are some meds that I take just when symptoms happen. So it would be nice to keep tracking that.


That’s already an option

How? When I pull up the share it only gives a list on what you should take. I can see the days of the month and have to go into each one to see the meds I took that day. I want something I can share or print out that reports what I took in a day.


I apologize I miss understood your question

No problem. I am new to this app son I am still trying to figure it out.


I agree I spent hours looking to find the meds I took as needed when I was getting ready for my appointment.

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Yes could be a little confusing

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A printout of the medication (name,dose,etc) with the option to print out rx#, pharmacy, who prescribed, etc) and the option to print dates and times of missed dosages or dates and times of dosages taken (or none or both). Option to print notes and if there is a box on the app to indicate effectiveness, to be able to chose to print that too.

Thanks for your consideration!

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Put doctor name on the print screen. I don’t see a need for where I buy it.
Drug, What it is used for. Rx number - is great. But when I print the list to take to a doctor or hospital They appreciate the printout but often ask the prescribing doctor. Would be great if that printed out.
Thanks, Love this program. It is awesome.

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Hi, I’m new here … fairly simple needs, just two daily meds in the morning … PLUS some PRN things for conditions that come and go. And THAT is worth tracking. But I don’t see a way to view a med’s history over time - just one day at a time, and it’s for all meds that day, not for a specific med.

Like, I have occasional gout pain, and a med I take for it PRN. It’d be really useful to look back over the past 6 months (or forever) and see how many episodes I had and how long they lasted, as measured by how long I took the med, and how many.

Is viewing one med’s history like this already possible and I’m just blind?

A note for future reference: long-term I’ll be interested in seeing if these episodes correlate with things like amount of sleep, or how much wine I had the day before, or ANYthing … so integrating with data from other sources is ESSENTIAL. Let’s just say I’m highly motivated to avoid gout :-) and if you can help with that, you’ll be my friend for life!

(My previous med reminder app, which shall go nameless for now, is HORRIBLE at PRN tracking, among other things.)

For the marketing people: demographically, I’m in the “not really old, yet” category, and actively interested in keeping it that way, by being responsible about my conditions and my choices.

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The ability to enter and track PRN meds is really important! I am working on this right now, in 3 profiles, to see if I can figure out how this might work.

I fully agree. And if you track your symptoms on the calendar and the medicines taken where on the calendar, you’d have a one stop shop. Why there are two sources of information I don’t get. And that I can’t sync the schedule to an outside calendar like my iPad or a google calendar seems odd given I can sync the calendar (the apps built in calendar). Make schedule and calendar one and the same.

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Instinctively I’m not certain they should be the SAME (with all or nothing displayed), but it certainly should be possible to display either or both, IMO.

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