Abused and misused Part 1

I came to Las Vegas when I was 16 in 1983, not because I wanted to. My mom made me. I was pregnant and she said that she wanted me with her so she can take care of me. Instead she got me here and treated me like if she didn’t know me. She treated me as I was slave or hor. First thing she did when she got a chance she tried to get welfare for me she found out she couldn’t do that and she sold me tlo the first man Henry that she thought that was interested in her. But when she found out, he wasn’t interested in her he was really interested me, she asked him how much would he pay her to take me out. Two weeks later, she moved him in to my bedroom with me.When she found out that I wouldn’t do what the man said, she got furious. Welfare started sending me money in my name. She had me to cash the check, she told me that she was going to use it to pay bills and she took it. A few weeks later after she made me cash my check and give it to her, she told me she was leaving Las Vegas and going back home to Alabama. I told her that I was going too. She said that I couldn’t come with her. She told me that she had found someone for me to live with, that they was going to help me. I was took to a house with a man named John and a lady named Frankie. I later found out that she was his mistress. I thought the lady was very nice up until I had my baby in 1984. After I had my baby John became very helpful towards me. I thought he was being nice, until one day he come over and took Frankie some where. About 45 minutes later John came back with out Frankie. I asked him where were she, he said she will be gone for a few hours and we can get better acquainted. I told him to leave! He said no, that he had paid my mother for me and he was waiting until I had my baby. I told him I was going to tell Frankie. He said, she wouldn’t believe you. So, I took my baby and went to the park and waited until Frankie came home. I went back late that evening and she was sleeping and he was gone. When I figured out the days that he was going to be over, I tried not to be there. One time he didn’t take her to dialysis and sister did so, I thought that he was not coming over. So me and my baby stayed at the house. I woke up to see him standing over me rubbing his self. I end up stabbing him in his arm and running away with my baby. I didn’t know anyone but Frankie, John and other man that my mom’s sold me too Henry. So I figured I would wait until she come home and I tell her what happened. When she came home he had told her some kind of lie that I just attacked.him for no reason and she was going to calling the police so I ran again this time never to come back. The man that she’s first sold me too, saw me on the street and asked meet? where was I going. I told him I didn’t know he offered me a room for me and my baby.
To be Continued

This reads like a novel, but without a beginning…
16 and pregnant… who’s the father, how old was he… was he someone your mother was dating in Alabama… or just someone whom you just had a sexual relationship with…
In order for readers to get a full visualization of your Traumatic Experience, they’re going to need a little more detail… of
Who, What, When, Where, Why, and How…

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Please just believe what you read because it all happen. Most of the people that were involve is dead or moved

Does it matter if they moved or are dead??? I’m sorry dont mean to be rude but the reader who asked 4 more info was correct !! How did it begin? AND why at 16 were you out & about having sex? More does need to be disclosed. This group “CAREZONE” I personally dont think this is an appropriate place for your issues

Possibly a professional therapist would be of more value

I was 16 and left home alone because my mom came to Las Vegas. Just because I have sex at 16 that don’t mean I need to be abused. I am not forcing this to young adults is a general page where you can voice whatever you want that’s on your mind. And you do not have to read it if you don’t want to I’m not making you.

I’m in total agreement that know one should be abused, PHYSICALLY/ EMOTIONALLY OR PSYCHOLOGICALLY. I’m just stating to me (& who the heck am i?) Just sounds like you REALLY NEED PROFESSIONAL HELP!! I’ve been there, 30 hospitals in 3 years, come 2 find out that I was sexually abused by my brother who committed suicide iin 79’. I just think you REALLY need to speak to a professional & then you will be able to more appropriately discuss your issues.

I am already in therapy but it don’t do no help so don’t tell me what they can do and hiding and make you feel me talking about it online give me some kind of comfort. If you was raped by your brother I feel for you but this is the way I’m doing me