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Kinda new to this section.

I have been married for 17 years. We have 2 kiddos, 2 🐕, 1 🐈, and a 🐦. Our family dynamics are in the realm of unique.

Both kids deal with ADHD, anxiety and depression. My daughter and I also deal with Ehlers Danlos.

In our house almost no topics are off the table. We discuss them in age appropriate terms, which is difficult because there is 5 years between the kids. Mental health and physical health are given equal weight. We don’t stress straight A report cards, but praise the good grades. I let the fail classes after grade 6. How else are they going to learn if they don’t fail.

My in laws have heavily critized me for my parenting style, my weight, my auto immune disorder, my house keeping, my clothes, ECT.

We are working towards minimalism and want to get into traveling.


1st of all, God bless you for EVERYTHING on your plate! Keep your family values as you see fit, raise your children as you see fit, despite your In laws.
With all the burdens you have tell your mother in law to basically SCREW OFF, even if you say it just to yourself. Godspeed & KEEP UP THE MARVELOUS, LOVING CARING WORK YOU ARE DOING 4 YOUR FAMILY


Thank you.

I do bite my tongue around her a lot, but have journal entries addressing the way she treats me.


I dont care how you get it out BUT… ZGET IT OUT OF YOUR SYSTEM!!! It will be better for you in the long run, PROMISE!


I agree with you 300% lol




I found my soul mate 28 years ago and married her. We have two smart, beautiful, and independent kids. My daughter, who is our oldest, has her bachlorate in liberal arts, is on her own, and working in graphic design. Our Son who is three years younger, has type 1 diabetes, still lives at home with his fiancee, 4 🐈, 3 🐕 and his disabled parents. I have Gulf War Illness, bad back, bad knees, depression, Visceral Hypersensitivity, peripheral neuropathy, and various other ailments. My wife, and love of my life has nerve damage in her hips caused by vaginal mesh. She has also been diagnosed with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, as well as carpel tunnel, depression and several other ailments. We both have spinal cord Stimulators in our backs for pain as well as being on pain meds on a daily basis. I am very obese due to medications and pain preventing exercise.
I feel for you and your family and fully understand the situation with in-laws!! You keep doing what you do and I will be praying 🙏 for you and your family!!


As long as you are raising responsible and respectful children, I do not see any reason for you to feel bad. From the sounds of your post, that is just what you are doing. It sounds like your mother-in-law is incapable of viewing things from any other perspective than her own. Therefore, I would consider any input coming from her with a large grain of salt. Continue to do your best for yourself and your family.


THIS app is a great place to jot down and release stress when you monitor your “Mood” …
Choose it as an option for you to to post daily or even several times daily. I’m depressed with bipolar problems too. I take meds for it and try to journal, even quick notes whenever I am notified that it’s time to take them. It helps me put words to my feelings and get them out of my system without blurting something hurtful to an innocent person around me.


With everything you deal with, support should be given instead of ridicule. I found a similar problem with my former in-laws. Once they saw how things worked(aspergers was something new to me) they came to appreciate how well it worked. Once they realized this, they tended to agree with me instead of their own daughter. He is now a great kid who lives on his own and their isn’t any animosity with any of us. Including the ex. If mother in law sees me, she has to give me hugs. It may take awhile…even a long while, but they will realize your methods might not be the same and just because yours is different doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Everyone wants the best for the kids which they will realize eventually. I have faith in you without even knowing you because you are open to advise. I also have respect for you because you have things to deal with that only you know how difficult it and you are dealing with it better than many would.


Hi . The person I’m going to marry on July 31, 2021 says we have to “talk” this weekend. It’s 621am and they texted me about 6 am. It’s Friday. So I’m going down to their place for the weekend.
I’m nervous… Anytime someone wants to talk… We live about an hour away from each other… They don’t drive… so I’m the one doing all the traveling.
They want to go visit their niece tomorrow, the niece lives about 3 or 4 hours away from them.
We got food tasting at 2 places tomorrow. At 10 am and noon.
We got engaged over Valentine’s day weekend.


Having anxiety my brain always flips to the “it’s bad” side of things and usually it’s not a bad thing when people pull me aside to “talk”. I hope it’s all good.

Congratulations on the engagement.


Thank you


Absolutely right! Good advice Sir

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Shall we keep it to ourselves???

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BTW, I’m a madam, NOT a sir !! Lol

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I totally understand. I was diagnosed bi-polar years ago. Of course I’ve been under a mountain of stress since I was 8 years old. Now the list of “what ails me” is so long that I have to keep it written down or I can’t remember all of it. Stress can actually make you sick, life threatening sick. I’ve been told I’m to stubborn to die. 😂. I’ve thought about writing a book about my life but I’m not that kind of writer. 😀. I do feel your pain. If it’s any consolation, you’re not alone.



Lol, no worries… unisex " The Dirt Digger "

Keep up the good work