Ability to Add More Photo's Per Topic Please

Hello, is there any way to add more than one photo in the photo section. Example: I have dysautonomia & get severe blood pooling if I stand for any length of time. I took 3 pictures of my legs & feet from different angles, 1 shows the horrible swelling, the other shows the strange blotchy red/white/blue thing that happens, the other is just the overall situation. I click “Photo(s)” (can’t exactly remember what it’s called), then click the plus sign, then select “Gallery”, click the 1st picture I want to upload & then it doesn’t allow me to make additional selections. I understand needing to upload them one at a time, but if I have other pictures I have to repeat the process and then I have a bunch of posts on the same issue instead of 3 pictures under one post. It gets quite confusing, especially when I am at the doctor’s office & quickly need to pull all of this up. Hope this makes sense. If there is a way, kindly please advise. If not, could you please make it so we can add more than one picture under a post or topic, not sure what to call it.

It would be nice to title it say “Blood Pooling”, have an area to describe or explain the situation (like you already have), but then have the ability to add as many pictures pertaining to that topic as we like. It’s an ongoing issue/symptom for me and so many of us are using your app to manage chronic illnesses. Pictures are worth a thousand words! It helps so much to be able to say to my doctor I experience this & see this is what it looks like. That’s when they really “get it”! We do our best to describe, but honestly seeing it really helps them & in turn helps us. They can finally grasp the severity of the situation. I know I have all of this in my phone, but it helps to have it formatted the way you (CareZone) has it, and it would be nice to have everything all in one place. Also, can you add a way to print all of our data, pictures, journals, trackers, etc. out. Doctors often ask if they can get a copy of my data. Also, the ability to add pictures, notes, journals, etc. is what makes your app better and different than the others. It’s what drew me to use it and it’s great, but it could be even better with some of these changes/additional capabilities.

Thank you so much for your time, assistance, and cosideration. Thank you for listening to your users and giving us this open forum.