A1C calculator

My wife has an android phone and it will calculate her A1C, how do we do it on an IPhone?

What is the app that does that

What is the app for Android

It in Carezone

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How do you get it on Android phone.

My wife found it in the tracker, you input your weight and glucose reading, the system does the rest


Thanks for sharing

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Mine must be broken been using it for a month and a half and it still hasn’t given me an A1C

Hi @jrorourke—Apologies for any confusion. The A1C Tracker in CareZone requires manual input of the results that you receive during an A1C test performed by your doctor. If you’d like to suggest features to add to the A1C Tracker, feel free to share your ideas in the topic below:


I’m here to help if you have any questions!

Take care, —Ivy

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Thank you Ivy.

Care zone

I have not seen an a1c calculator in here. I have only seen a record keeper