I just had my seventh back surgery and had a heart problem afterwards. I had to have a cardio conversion and now I’m on metoprolol tartrate and aspirin and amiodarone daily.

I never thought I’d be on heart medicine at 50 years old, but at least I’ve got a good app to help me remember.

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I have had a quad bypass last year was wondering how long it takes to feel normal again.

My friend’s six months out and just doing great. Back to almost life as normal. We were just talking about it the other day after his checkup.

Never thought youd be on heart medication at 50, try haveing two strokes and a heartatack within 6 months of each other and finding out its was all cuz your heart… And id been on metoprolol since i was like 15 im 30 now just got out of the hospital from my heartatack two days ago… So for you just not having heart problems man you are lucky.