45 f. Why so much meds

Hi every one I have a question my doctor has me on 3 blood pressure medicines but I’m not comfortable taking them I asked him it doesn’t give me a straight reply says it’s okay I also have diabetes type 2 but anyone out there have any suggestions I’ve been under a lot of stress this past month or so the medication 💊 amlodipine Bestlate 5mg
Losartan HCTZ 100 MG
think it’s quite much


My mom was Diabetic and high blood pressure along with to many to mention. She was in Heart Failure since she was 40, the higher her blood pressure got, the more damage to her heart.
My older brother has been in Heart Failure for 10 year. I’m on 2 high blood pressure medicines too. I have totally changed my diet, but in order to get my blood pressure down, he has to give me another pill, a water pill. He did an EKG and said it looks like the left side of my heart is enlarged. I see the Heart Doctor on Tuesday see what he says. My point is, if I were your and I’m not, but I would do what your Dr. orders. I just wish I had health insurance 3 yrs. Ago I didn’t and my blood pressure was left unchecked and out of control and now if my Dr. is right, I’m in the beginnings of Heart Failure.
I wish I was more diligent in watching my blood pressure closer, maybe I could have avoided this. I wish you the best, I meant no disrespect. May God Bless You. Susan


None taken thank you am going to do everything I need to get it under control.even if I can’t afford to take off work with no pay.my health is more important


I do not know your diagnoses or how high your blood pressure is. Also do not know if your heart is irregular.
Sometimes if you have irregular heart you will be given a blood pressure medication to help control that. Then you will be given more than one to control very high blood pressure.
My advise is to ask more questions of your doctor. This way it will not be as scary to you. Did your doctor tell you when to take your meds?
Mine did not. Before I left his office I asked. Do I space them out through the day? The answer was yes to space them.
If you do not ask sometimes the Doctor does not tell you.
Be your own advocate. Ask if you are unsure of the abswer ask again. This is your body and you do not want to harm yourself due to misunderstanding.
But the main thing I wanted to say is sometimes people do require multiple medications. Medications sometimes are given for other purposes.
Good luck. Stay well. Gentel hugs.

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I always made a list of questions between appointments. That I would not forget. When I was diagnosed in October
Of 2017 with stage 3. It scared the crap out of me. Don’t know what it is like to be diabetic. I am sure it makes it tougher


Yes diabetics do have to be watchful because high blood sugar levels will affect all your organs plus your eyes.
I pray you never have to deal with it. But if you ever do be proactive learn all you can.
Be well and gentel hugs.

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What does your blood pressure run?

And your sugar

Speak to the pharmacist they can give you some answers

I don’t know. I take fifteen pills in the morning and six before I go to bed

Looks normal to me. I’m on the same meds. Don’t forget to add a statin to that…

they don’t want you to take “to much” of one type otherwise your body gets used to it and you have to change what your doing and start all over
soo the larger mg pill is morning the lowest does would be mid day and the other would be at night or
highest at night mid does in the morning and lowest at mid day.

This was the explanation given to me by my DR. when she proscribed me more that one type of BP pill …

or you can take them all at once
it really depends on what your BP is like at various times i would get a monitor (wal-mart, CVS , Target ,walgreens ect…) and chart it and go over it with your doctor and ask straight out “when should i be taking these pills? all at once ? spread threw the day? “