2nd knee replacement done

Hi everyone. My doctors office and hospital finally opened up electives. Knee surgery waa monday june 8th. Was I nervous? Yesss. Had to get COVID tested too. That was the most nerve racking thing. But i’m negative! Surgery went with no hiccups. But the pain this time… omg its worse!! Going home on Wednesday!! Then a visiting nurse for about a week and then inpatient PT. Poor leg is like 3x normal size 😳 now these are hamhocks!!🤣🤣


Prayers for healing and a speedy recovery 🙏🙏


Sending prayers for a speedy recovery. Hang tough!


Good luck in your recovery.


Sending prayers your way for recovery and comfort
I need my left knee done


Super excited. Although my pain is way worse with my left knee than my right one… my range of motion is far better (go figure)
My flexion (bending) is 110 assisted and 105 on my own. I didn’t reach these numbers until long after 12 weeks and a manipulation with my 1st.
My extension (straightening) however has been stalled at 20… I reached 15 today… definitely similar to the 1st go round. Hoping to break this cycle though and keep improving.
I start out patient therapy on july 7th… they do far more things there, but the better my numbers when I get there…the better my recovery.


Sending prayers your way
I need my left knee done soon

Praying your feeling better. Im so scared to get an operation . im 49 with bone on bone osteoarthritis. Wobt let me get replacement till 3 yrs. Pain is bad enough now. Now hips are hurting daily. This is so depressing.

I have 2 hip replacement. Left and right. Both have been revised
Now I need knee done. I pray to God and He gets me through it.

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Hang in there!! Glad your surgery went well.

Hi… have you tried physical therapy for hips? I just got a cortisone injection in right hip this week… I did too much walking this am. Injections might be an option for you

Praying for you

Congratulations 🎉

God will❤️🦋