20 with possible MS

I just turned 21 and I’ve been fighting for 6 months to get a diagnosis. All I’m being told is that I’m mirroring MS but they can’t find evidence of it. It’s frustrating and painful but here I am.

What kind of symptoms do you have? I also have MS. By history we figured my first relapse was when I was 22.

Started with a severe tremor in my right arm and leg. Lost control of my right hand and I can no longer write. Legs lose feeling occasionally, disorientation, weakness, fatigue, facial twitches, spinal pain, limb weakness, inability to do certain things I.e remembering how to throw something or walking up a step, imbalance and disorientation due to heat. Oh and swallowing is difficult

Wow. That is a lot at once. Did you see a neurologist? Did that do spinal tap and/or MRI?

I’m sorry for what you are currently facing.
I was there, but for about 6 years undiagnosed.
Where are you from?, I mean, that happened with me because I’m from Egypt, a third world country.

Before diagnosis I was almost depressed, with feeling like my left hand is covered with latex.

One of the latest researched issues now, is that psychological problems could be the very first symptoms of MS, specially depression.

If you need someone to talk to, I will be very happy to help ❤️

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They’ve done it all 3 MRI’s and a spinal tap but nothing concrete enough to diagnose me. I’m considering changing numerologists

So sorry for what you are dealing with. Hang in there. Is there an MS center near you? That would be my next best suggestion.

I live in South Africa there are only 130 neurologists in the country so they don’t specialize into different brain diseases they’re all like brain GP’s🙈

I should definitely count my blessings. There is an MS center where I live in Rochester, NY. You will be in my prayers. 🙏🙏🙏

You are extremely lucky but thank you 😊

I am a kidney transplant and me patient. Also I have fibromyalgia and diabetes which was drug induced.

You may have hidden lesions or waxing and waning lesions.

Ms patient*

They have a brain test they can do also. They took Up a lot of wires to your head. Then you sit in the dark and watch the computer screen. The screen has red dots your eyes must follow but your head can not move.
I have had MS now for 13 yrs. It is a battle but I believe things can change.

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Sorry to hear about your problem getting a diagnosis. It can be frustrating for sure. I remember when I was diagnosed almost 17 yrs ago how difficult it was to get my neurologist, at the time, to confirm that I had MS. An MRI eventually confirmed my diagnosis. I hope you get an answer and honestly hope it’s not MS. My advice is to keep looking for answers, as hard as it seems at times.

Best of luck!

Make sure it’s with and with out. Gadalinium. They use that to compare with mri w/O the drug. This makes the lesions glow on the film. These lesions are attacking your myelin sheath. Interrupting the nerve signals path.