Suggestions & Ideas

Communication with Doctors (1)
Missed dose chime (2)
Share medication actually taken (8)
Add Tracker for lab results (3)
Add more med info during scanning process (2)
Automatically update med info (date filled, refills available, refill reminder) (3)
Tracker for shots, vaccinations, immunizations (20)
30 day average (3)
Track pill count, refill quantity and med price (1)
Deleting Additional Profiles (2)
Same medication but different dosages on different days of the week (7)
Meds taken less than once a week (9)
Updating Google calendar (9)
Tracker Averaging (4)
Add INR Tracker (10)
ICE on medical card (1)
Track signs of a heart attack (2)
Accessible Code for Medical ID bracelets (2)
Add a menstrual / period / pms tracker (1)
Add Arabic language setting (1)
Calendar for shared profile helper availability (2)
Salt/Sodium Chloride Intake (1)
Epilepsy and seizure disorder (10)
Skip reminder when meds are taken early (4)
Prevent duplicate contacts when adding meds (13)
Add a category for Beauty Care (hair, skin, nails) (3)
Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms and management (1)
Custom alarm tones for med reminders ( 2 ) (22)
Enable address field for Contacts on the web (7)
Sort community messages newest to oldest (15)